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more work eson the picket line -- more workers on the picket line. we have live team coverage of this major dispute in oakland. >> reporter: we're live at the oakland international airport where workers are on strike. we'll tell if you it is
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affecting holiday travel. >> reporter: city crews in pittsburg working to repair a broken water pipe that burst overnight. we'll tell you how long this work will take and how many neighbors will be without running water. and major delays for caltrain because of an incident near the palo alto station. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, november 20th. happening now -- a strike at the port of oakland is disrupting delivery operations. port workers have also walked off the job at oakland international airport. we have team coverage for you this morning. ktvu's christien kafton is at the port where workers are blocking some instances, but first we go to tara moriarty at the airport to find out if the
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strike is affecting holiday travel there. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. maximize the message. that's essentially what these workers are doing here at the terminals. they are scattered at every entrance visible to the hundreds of passengers headed inside to catch their flights. members of the service employees international union starting picketing last night at 9:30. they are not blocking passengers from getting in line or on their flights. they say they want people to enjoy their thanksgiving but at the same time understand what they are fighting for we don't want to disturb the public going and -- for. >> we don't want to disturb the public going. >> reporter: meanwhile, we've seen people -- they don't seem to mind that the folks have hit the picket line during the thanksgiving crunch. >> it's great timing on their part, right? >> yes, because it's an important time. people will be traveling and
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that can definitely add some -- to inconvenience a lot of people's schedules. pretty smart. >> reporter: this union mainly represents, jan teres, electricians and maintenance people. they are not holding up any flights. you should be able to board on time. live at oakland international airport, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the workers strike. coming up at 7:30, we will go back live to the port of oakland with a look at how picket lines are disrupting truckers this morning. 7:02. just a week after an aging pipe flooded a neighborhood in daly city. two more bay area cities are dealing right now with water main breaks. alex savidge is live in pittsburg right now. they have a five-foot sinkhole causing a big mess out there. what's going on, alex? >> reporter: well, a worker on scene tells me there are a number of homes without water,
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all of them on this block. this is 11th street between york and cutter. you can see a lot of work going on here. these are works trying to repair this six-inch water line that burst overnight creating this huge sinkhole here in the middle of the roadway. overnight, water was rushing down the street for about an hour and a half. a neighbor told me it was about a foot deep. crews were able to finally shut the water off around 1:00 this morning. but the pressure from that broken pipe caused the pavement to crumble in this area. one woman who lives right near this break told me she could hear the pipe burst late last night. >> it was like a bang, bang, boom, boom kind of stand. my husband said did you hear that and the dog started barking. so we came outside. as soon as we came outside, you could see the water gushing from right where they are at. >> reporter: a worker out here
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told me it's still unclear why this pipe burst. but in his estimation, it was likely just wear and tear an older pipe that just gave way late last night. as we come back out here live, you can see crews working, trying to replace this segment here. this is the older segment of pipes, the segment that burst last night. they are gonna replace this segment with a newer segment of pipe. that could take some time. the roadway is still wide open here. once they replace that line, they are gonna fill in the sinkhole, get the roadway back open and then turn the water back on for the folks in the area. live in pittsburg, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. there was another water main break in redwood city. several basements have busted near brewster avenue. they did turn the water off. the cause of that is still under investigation. firefighters are investigating a suspicious house fire in vallejo this morning.
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the fire broke out at a house ornate street. this is the -- on tennessee street. this is the same house where a vallejo police officer was killed over 12 years ago. no one was home when the fire broke out. the paper reports that neighbors called for help at 8:30 last night after seeing smoke coming from the garage. firefighters knocked down flames in about 90 minutes. the same house made headlines back in april of 2000 when the veteran police officer was shot and killed while serving a warrant at the property. joseph robert teakin was convicted of the officer's murder and is serving a life sentence. 7:06. new this morning, palestinian militants in gaza fired a rocket towards jerusalem and there was an explosion moments after air raid sirens went off all over the city. we're told the rocket did not reach jerusalem it landed in the field outside of the city. this is the second time rockets
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have been aimed at jerusalem which is about 50 miles from ga days. it's the most distance city those militants have targeted. all of this comes as secretary of state, hillary clinton, is on her way now to jerusalem. she will be meeting with the israeli prime minister. secretary clinton was in cambodia, alongside, president obama attending meetings with asian leaders. but with the crisis escalating in the middle east, president obama decided to send secretary clinton to try to help meditate that situation. now, in addition to the israeli prime minister, secretary clinton will also meet with palestinian officials in the west bank and egyptian leaders in cairo, egypt. coming up for you at 7:15, what egypt's president is saying this morning about the possibilities for a cease-fire. it's 7:07. we want to check in with sal for an update on a terrible situation on caltrain, a train fatality. >> that's right. caltrain, major delays this morning because train number 103 northbound hit a pedestrian
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in palo alto, a lot of people were taken off the train and they are being put on buses. a lot of these people are very late to work and the train is stopped here on the tracks northbound. now, the southbound trains are moving through. but it is going to be pretty slow going and caltrain has major delays. there are those people who are -- i don't know what they are waiting for but perhaps they are waiting to get on the bus here that's gonna take them to the next caltrain station. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's bocked up all the way -- backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. that major problems getting into san francisco once on the bridge itself. we talked about 101 and highway 1, a little bit of slowing here. if you are driving on the peninsula, highway 101 looks good all the way up to san francisco. 7:08. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. some very light rain out there so far. sausalito, .04. not much. santa rosa, all morning long, even down to the santa cruz
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mountains, things are beginning to develop. the front -- i will show new a second. it's way up there. it's a vigorous one, too. cloudy, windy. rain begins, though. i think we'll get more wind and clouds. there will be some rain. i think that will let up and pick up and then tonight when the system comes through. it's been a real powerhouse up in the pacific northwest, anywhere from 2 to 7 inches of rain. very, very musty conditions. it's finally moving out out ahead of it we're getting rain reports. santa rosa, ukiah, into lake county, kathy in napa said yes, yes, rain has started, wrapping into parts of marin county. nothing too heavy. it's there. now moving back over to the city. san mateo, down to sfo, a little bit toward emeryville, oakland and even in the santa cruz mountains. not too much but there have been a few reports on scotts valley. it's starting. now, the cloud and rain forecast will blast through the system, i mean, very light, it
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may not make it to the south bay. it's going to get colder around here but things will start to calm out and dry a little bit. the front still hasa ways to go -- has aways to go -- to go. sierra nevada, winter advisory starts at 4:00 today and goes until 4:00 a.m. main lin windy. clou -- mainly windy. some of that light, heavier the farther north you go. highs, upper 50s, lower 60s to the north. yet, mid-60s and even some 70s as you head towards santa clara valley. we'll have kind of a rainy pattern into early wednesday and then it is out of here. we'll have to watch out for fog. there could be really thick valley fog, otherwise it will be dry. >> thank you, steve. sonoma county election officials say nearly one in
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four ballots still have not been counted two weeks after election day. that's nearly 42,000 mail-in and provisional ballots. the uncounted ballots have left at least three local races undecided. county election officials say it could take another two weeks to complete the count and certify the vote. there are new graduation concerns for san francisco high school students set to graduate in 2014. in 2008, the district adopted a new policy requiring students to take classes that are required for admission into uc and csu schools. the class of 2014 is the first to have to meet those requirements but the "chronicle" reports that the school has sent notices to 1900 students who are not on track. the district plans to hold community meetings for parents and has instructed school counselors to advise students about completing the requirements. time is 7:11.
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terrorists in california, what four men who are allegedly connected to al qaeda were accused of planning. also, a landmark auction. how things went during california's first sale of pollution permits as part of the fight against greenhouse gases.
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cloudy skies, rain, wind, light. the front will be here by this evening department will an gray, windy day with rain developing. some of that will be heavy by tonight. four southern california men have been charged with plotting to kill americans and destroy u.s. targets overseas. the fbi says the men planned on carrying out their attacks by joining al qaeda and the taliban. one of the men served in the u.s. air force. they were arrested for plotting to bomb u.s. military bases and
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government facilities. the fbi says the men had planned to depart this month to carry out plots in afghanistan. 7:14. the united states now expanding its involvement in the middle east crisis. as ktvu's alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, secretary of state, hillary clinton, now on her way to jerusalem to help try to work out a cease-fire. alison? >> reporter: dave, this is new this morning. egypt's president, who has been taking the lead in the negotiations, now says he believes a cease-fire is imminent. secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be meeting with israel's prime minister in about five hours in jerusalem. then she heads to the west bank to meet with palestinian leaders and finally to chiro rowe to consult with -- cairo to consult with egyptian officials. the death toll is climbing in israel as israel strikes there. hamas is launching more attacks on israeli cities. israel has agreed to put its
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planned offensive on hold now to give limited time for diplomacy. a white house aide described secretary clinton's challenging mission. >> to support a de-escalation of the violence and a durable outcome that ends the rockets in the israeli cities and ensures a broader calm. >> reporter: meanwhile, u.s. navy ships are returning to the med tear rainian to be on stand by in case americans need to be evacuated from israel. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:15. the biographer whose affair with former cia director david petraeus is in talks with the high-profile communications firm. this is video of paula broadwell at her home in north carolina which is now constantly surrounded by photographers and reporters. reportedly broadwell has hired the communications firm glover, park, group to represent her. anonymous e-mails that
7:17 am
broadwell sent to jill kelley, the woman in florida, prompted an fbi investigation that exposed broadwell's affair with petraeus who has since resigned. and we're hearing the twin sister of jill kelley has hired celebrity attorney gloria allred to represent her. aim red has scheduled a -- aim red has scheduled a news conference with natalie khawam today. it is unclear exacty why allred is representing her but she's had legal issues in the past including a child custody fight with her ex-husband. 7:17. we have new information back here at home about a kidnapping case, one that started in walnut creek earlier this month. pg&e now offering a $10,000
7:18 am
reward for information leading to an arrest. now, the victim was a pg&e contract employee. 57-year-old woman told police she was leaving the shadelands business park the night of november 7th when she was grabbed. she said two men drove her to a.t.m. machines and used her bankcard to withdraw money before releasing her in the east bay hills. police have these surveillance images of one of the suspects. they say the other suspect went by the name of david. well, 24 years have gone by but a family in hayward is not giving up hope in finding answers in the case of michaela garecht. yesterday her family and friends gathered for a vigil outside of the market where she was kidnapped from. the vigil comes as they await dna results on a three-inch bone that was found a well in the investigation of the so- called speed freak killers.
7:19 am
>> i need to do keep doing this for her until the time i know that she is in a safe place. >> now, in a letter sent to ktvu's rita williams, wesley shermantine, one of the speed freak killers, said he told police to look in wells in the hayward area. police say they are not actively searching but they may start looking depending upon whether that bone that was tested turns out to be michaela garecht. it is 7:18. we're now learning more about the investigation into a san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of robbing a bank. police say 36-year-old deputy phil tong is the bank robber seen in this surveillance picture. officers say tong's fingerprints were also found on the demand note left early this month at a bank of america in san francisco. some have questioned whether tong will receive special treatment due to his law enforcement background. but legal experts say they don't think that's the case.
7:20 am
>> my expectation would be that an officer or a deputy who is unfortunate to have these sorts of allegations levied against him or hear would be treated the same. >> tong is scheduled to make his first court appearance on monday. a deadly house explosion is now being investigated as a homicide. the announcement was made last night shortly after the funeral for the husband and wife who had lived next door to the house where investigators believe the blast occurred. investigators say they are looking for the driver of a white van seen in the area on the day of the blast, november 10th. the national gas explosion also injured seven other people and caused more than $4 million in damage to the neighborhood. 7:20. almost 4,000 gallons of sewage has been cleaned up now in marin county after four spills over the weekend. the ross valley sanitary district reported spills in fairfax, larkspur and two of them in stan anselmo.
7:21 am
the biggest one was about 3,000 gammens. officials say the rain caused the flooding after a brick came lodged inside a sewage tube. well, california sold out of the first pollution permits issued in its first ever cap- and-auction trade. these permit allow credits to be bought if plugs limits are ever sex seeded -- exceeded. 23million permits -- if pollution limits are ever exceeded. 23million permits were sold. the auction raised about $300 million for the state. will the weather cause any problems for people traveling for thanksgiving this week? steve paulson is monitoring the stormtracker2. and we're getting word of significant flight delays. we're also tracking an arrest in the death of a monkey --
7:22 am
we're also tracking an arrest in the death of a monkey in a zoo in idaho. traffic a little bit busy coming up in the west valley on interstate 280. i will tell you more about the morning commute and all of the trouble spots coming up. good morning! wow.
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police have made the arrest of a mockky in an idaho zoo. police say 22-year-old michael watkins has been arrested on grand theft charges. the arrest comes after zoo employees in boise found a monkey dead of plunt force trauma. police are still looking into how and why the monkey was killed. a new study suggests great apes may have midlife crisis just like humans. an international team of researchers documented the behavior of hundreds of chimpanzees and and found apes were likely to experience
7:25 am
depression and be less engaged. the findings are more significant because a midlife crisis may be driven by biology. bay area humane societies want to make sure every pet has food this holiday season. this week, the humane society of the united states kicked off the kill the bowl project. local groups are encouraged to add pet food and supplies to your holiday food drives. humane societies in the east bay and contra costa county, they are all participating. >> a nice thing to do, to remember the pets. 7:24. let's check in with sal. it is wet out there, sal. >> yeah. and i just got handed an update on the caltrain situation here. the trains are single tracking here near the palo alto station. the cal tran personnel are directing passengers. the bus bridge has been disconnected. trains are moving again. but it is major delays on caltrain because of a fatal
7:26 am
crash near the palo alto station that's been cleared up but the trains are still single tracking in that area for the investigation. let's go out and take a look at some of these live pictures. 880 is moving along okay. some of the winds and weather may be leading to delays at sfo, almost three-hour delays for some flights today out of sfo in and out of sfo. check with your airline. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a moderate delay, 20, 25 minutes before you make it on the span. on the peninsula, the traffic is moderate, northbound 101 a little bit slow in san mateo as you approach the burlingame area. let's go to steve. yes, very windy for some. gusts to almost 30 miles an hour. you saw the camera bouncing around. there's been some rain from sausalito to san francisco. you can see a few breaks in the clouds. it will be a mostly cloudy, very mild day for some numbers you have that rain. i mean, there's been some really good rain, santa rosa
7:27 am
north. i've seen .03. there are far lesser amounts but santa rosa all morning long. the observation said rain take it over to lake county. rain has made it into parts of napa county and marin county. nothing too heavy there. lighter amounts san francisco, other observer, .05. also to emeryville, ronald said the rain was picking up there. even in the santa cruz mountains, there's been a little bit. not a lot. but scotts valley had some rain. it's here. it is on the way. the rain will -- the system is very strong up in the north coast. our observer ronald thompson up in crescent city, 3 inches up there. it will pack a punch once it gets here. once we get to thursday, we'll have clear skies. i think the fog is going to be a bigger -- bigger issue which will be later today for many tonight into tomorrow morning. otherwise, it will be cloudy and windy. 6 to near 70. this -- 60 to near 70. the cold air will arrive on
7:28 am
wednesday. we'll take it into thursday. night and morning fog can be really thick in the valley. were you watching football? >> i was. i was glued to the set. >> last night, the 49ers just beat up the chicago bears. why the 49ers' head so much jim harbaugh is facing a -- coach, jim harbaugh, is facing a big decision. >> reporter: we'll tell you why these union workers are blocking the access to the port of oakland today. >> reporter: we're live in gilroy where police are investigating a string of barrys. we'll tell you what thieves are specifically targeting at mom and pop shops. it's time to change the way we clean.
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and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. 7:30. happening now a big labor dispute involving the port of oakland. union workers are striking outside port facilities and the oakland international airport. we have team coverage for you this morning. tara moriarty is at the airport where passengers are greeted -- are getting greeted by noisy picket lines. let's go to christien kafton at the port where it is not business as usual today. >> reporter: certainly not. you can take see these group of workers is blocking access here, blocking the road to get in and out of the port. if you look over there, you can
7:32 am
see those struck -- those trucks there stopped. they are stopped in their tracks because the protest here has brought business to the halt. >> i can't make a living. i've gotta go back home and i had work today. now i can't work. >> reporter: workers representing the custodial staff say they've been negotiating with the port but the port they say has been withholding crucial information. >> we asked for specific information, as i was saying earlier, that we -- months ago that they hadn't gotten to us as of 5:00 yesterday. the port has been completely transparent in our negotiations. >> reporter: now, the port says it is facing serious financial obstacles, including $1.3 billion in debt. so the port now has to ask workers to contribute to their retirement. the picket lines here coming back out to the live shot are set to run through 9:30
7:33 am
tonight. we'll have continuing coverage from here at the port and from the airport where there is a similar protest underway. we'll have continuing reports throughout the morning and then throughout the day. we're live at the port of oakland, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the workers strike. in about 30 minutes we'll go back live to international airport with a look at how port workers there are getting their message out. 7:32. new this morning, business owners in gilroy upset about a string of burglaries. ktvu janine de la vega is live in gilroy now. what are businesses doing to protect their area? >> reporter: well, merchants have been concerned about crime in the area. so in the last six months, the city had cameras intoday to monitor the area. police did not capture any of the recent thefts here. police say since mid-september, at least four antique stores have been burglarized on
7:34 am
monterey street. jewry, silver and clocks have been stolen. the thieves are hitting the stores in the overnight hours. police are working with the downtown business association to alert merchants about what's happening. officers say they believe the incidents are connected with you they -- but they are still investigating. >> we are currently increasing patrols in the downtown area and our detectives are trying to work with the d.a.'s office, the crime laboratory specifically to quickly analyze the evidence that we've gathered during the crime investigation to determine if there's any viable investigative leads. >> reporter: police have increased patrols in the downtown area during the graveyard shifts. storeowners are eager for officers to catch those responsible. the city has put an emphasis on revitalizing the downtown area trying to attract more people to shop here. coming up on "mornings on 2," we'll tell you what merchants here have to say and their concerns about this recent crime. reporting live from gilroy,
7:35 am
janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. we have new developments out of the middle east. egyptian president mohammed morsi is prodicting what he calls israel's aggression towards gaza will end today. now, egypt is playing a lead goal in negotiating the cease- fire agreement, a ulthis comes as hillary clinton is flying to the middle east to help with the negotiations to end the fighting in hamas and israel. she left from cambodia. that's where she accompanied president obama at summit meetings with asian leaders. she's due to meet with the palestinian prime minister in jerusalem and other leaders. secretary clinton will not be meeting with hamas, which the united states considers a terror group. >> bottom line still remains that hamas has to stop this rapid fire. so ultimately, they are the ones who are going to have to
7:36 am
be part of ending the terror. >> now, more than 100 palestinians and three israelis have been killed in the week- long fighting there. hamas militants are still fighting rockets into israel but most of them were taken out by the u.s. financed iron dome defense system. >> also two media centers -- whoa! that was a rather large explosion. >> i was watching that live last night. that's anderson cooper of cnn. he's been reporting from gaza over the past several days. live reports, sometimes saying things firsthand and hearing them, we're actually gonna get a live report from anderson cooper in gaza. that's coming up for you at 7:40. 7:36. it was a monday night football bonanza at candle still work. the 49ers -- candlestick park. the 49ers crushed the bears.
7:37 am
capper neck replaced alex -- keeper neck replace -- kaepernick replaced alex smith and he passed for 242 yards and two touchdowns. jim harbaugh was asked if he would be the starting quarterback going forward. >> i usually tend to go with the guy who has the hot hand. we have two quarterbacks that have a hot hand. so he did an outstanding job. >> smith had a career high of five and a half sacks, the most in monday night football history. the next game is sunday in new orleans. and last night's game had a lot of meaning for one family in turlock. that's because their son got to play in his first nfl game. coming up at 7:45, maureen naylor will have more on how his family reacted after getting the big call late sunday night. >> that's a great story. >> yes, it is. sal has many commute stories to tell you this
7:38 am
morning. where will you start? >> we're gonna look all over the place. the wet weather is not making it easy. a lot of people driving in rain now. let's take a look at the bay bridge. a little bit wet here. the toll plaza delay is as it would be on a normal tuesday despite thursday being a day off for most. it's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. 25 to 30-minute delay. 880 northbound and southbound, this traffic also is going to be busy as you drive through. no major problems here. i'm looking as highway 1. it's pretty slow on the maps here through the pacifica area from half moon bay because of the wet weather. let's go to steve. >> that fast sal? >> yes, sir. >> okay. i'm ready. really impressive reports coming in from jim up in eureka and crescent city. a lot of rain. 3, 4 inches, extremely windy. that's our front up here. it's just beginning to move here. we're getting the lighter stuff ahead of it. santa rosa has pick understand
7:39 am
.03 of rain -- picked up .03 of rain. rain has been picking up a little bit. only a couple of .100 for us. from santa rosa north it's been steady. ukiah has had 2 lights. it looks like it's pushing off to the east bay. but even down in the santa cruz mountains we have had a couple of reports. there it is. again, it looks like it's been a real impact -- it's been a real compact system. heavy rain up there as well even up into extreme northern part of california. this system is packing a pretty good punch here. it is on its way. the light rain out ahead of it. some of it should taper out. cloudy to mostly cloudy, very windy in advance of the wind. north bay mainly picking up the rain. we've had a couple of .100ths. windy, cloudy, coming in tonight and then the rain rate
7:40 am
will pick up. i think there will be a couple of inches of rain in lesser amounts as you go south. now for the sierra, winter weather advisory is at 4:00. rain will turn to snow overnight. snow will come down to 6,000. cloudy, windy, rain developing already pretty steady to the north. for everybody later on. 60s on the temperatures or upper 50s. i think there's too much in the of -- in the way of rain. 70, morgan hill and gilroy. we have a very active pattern. then it is out of here. except for fog. there will be a lot of it once the wind dies down. 20 minutes before 8:00. questionable spending by a local government official. is he having taxpayers foot the bill for casino vits and upgrades to first class? and how you can get a dui without even having a drink.
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reporters and and a halfers from all the over the -- and photographers from all over the world are covering the crisis in the middle east. we were hoping to talk to anderson cooper but we've just learned he's had to cover breaking news for his network. masked gunmen have publicly killed six collaborators in gaza at a busy intersection is the breaking news. hamas has claimed responsibility. witnesses saided -- said the six men were pulled out of a van today, forced to lie on the street and shot dead. meanwhile, this comes as
7:44 am
egypt's president predicted today that israel's nearly week- long offensive would end with an hour as diplomats from across the world race across the region to negotiate a cease- fire to end relentless air strikes and attacks. and secretary of state, hillary clinton is, in fact, on her way to the middle east from central asia where she will be engaging in some talks to try to bring an end to had this nearly week long violence between israel and gaza where over 100 people have died. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you another live report from washington, d.c. coming up in the next hour. all right, tori. 7:44. in other news, a new york man is facing charges after police say he threatened a flight crew on a plane yesterday and would not turn off his cell phone. it happened on a spirit airlines flight, about to take off from la guardia airport heading for fort lauderdale,
7:45 am
florida. 30-year-old samuel aralosol was asked several times too turn off his cell phone but he would not do it. police say he threatened crew members. >> you have to watch what you say these days. >> the man was taken off the plane and charged with a terrorist tick threat -- threat. the warriors' president and the president of unite here local 2 signed an agreement yesterday that stipulates the warriors -- warriors will hire union employees for building a new waterfront arena. the san francisco board of supervisors is due to vote on a resolution that would authorize the city to work out financial terms for that new project. a lot of 49er fans are talking about the game that featured a big first for a
7:46 am
backup quarterback. collin kaepernick had his first start last night. maureen naylor joins us live. what are his parents saying about this breakout star who grew up near the bay area? >> reporter: well, everyone is so proud. the 49er backup quarterback is a northern california native. he was call to fill in for alex smith. this is kaepernick last during the game against the bears. friends and family cheered him on. now, some younger neighbors talked about getting to play a little football with him once. >> he brought his football out and we were kind of hanging around where colin was and he's all dressed up nice an -- he sees the football and he said you want to go play? and we said, yeah, we want to play football right now.
7:47 am
>> reporter: he went to the university of reno on a football scholarship and was drafted last year by the 9ers. his father said he's so proud of his son and so are the fans after a 32-7 win over the bears. kaepernick's father revealed football was not the sport he was most known for. how he chose football over that other sport -- coming up. 7:46. there is a new study out showing dui does not necessarily mean drunk driving. the california office of traffic safety says 14% of the people cited for driving under the influence had drugs in their system. marijuana accounted for almost half of those citations. the santa clara county already tests drivers for marijuana and that along with a field sobriety test can lead to a conviction. >> with the blood test that will show you have active thc
7:48 am
in your blood, we'll be able to show that the marijuana was impairing your ability drive safely, even though it is not at a specific level. >> now, they are hoping for better training for officers and more resources for prosecutors will make more people aware of the safety issue here. meantime, a man was taken to the hospital for annual e-- for an evaluation after a standoff. he was on top of a vta bus. officials say the 26-year-old man climbed on top of the bus at keys and south first street in san jose at about 10:00 yesterday morning. traffic was rerouted, kept away while deputies tried to get him to come down. officials originally thought he had a knife but it turned out it was a pen. he did come down on his own after about four hours. 7:48. some santa clara supervisors say they've serious questions about the spending of santa clara board president george
7:49 am
sharakawa. the paper reports he used a county-issued credit card for visits to casinos and golf courses, meals at upscale restaurants and upgrades to first class. some of the charges have been repaid but in many instances, he's been unable too provide itemize the receipts. he filed for bankruptcy last year and potential -- potentially faces tens of thousands of dollars in fines for failing to file campaign finance disclosure forms. a man arrested at oakland airport because of his suspicious-looking watch will not face charges. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann was arrested last thursday after being stopped at a security checkpoint. he later posted bail and was released. t tsa workers thought his watch looked like a -- the tsa workers thought his watch looked like a timing device for an explosive. here's a photo of the watch. he made the watch and described it as art. it was determined that he meant
7:50 am
no harm, so no charges were filed. a hewlett-packard financial report it was better than analysts expected this morning. however investors are not pleased with what else the pail low-aloe based company -- what else the palo alto based company reported.
7:51 am
7:52 am
u.s. builders start construction on homes at 895,000, that's the feastest so far. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 17. the nasdaq down, 1. s&p up slightly. now, this morning, hewlett- packard opened with a loss just checking right now.
7:53 am
the numbers and currently hewlett-packard is down 11% after announcing what it calls serious accounting impropriety the by -- improprieties by a british business it bought. hewlett-packard is taking an 8.8 billion charge to revalue the company called autonomy. hp reported it lost 6.8 billion in the first quarter this year japan's tv maker sharp had a better than expected response when it came to -- when it came to laying off. 3,000 volunteered. later today, the richmond city council will talk about chevron's plan to repair that crude oil unit damaged by a huge fire in august. chevron wants to replace the failed pipes with 9 chromium.
7:54 am
however, the chemical safety board says that may not be the safest alternative. chevron says it won't move ahead with the repairs until all of the safety issues have been thoroughly discussed with regulators. it is 7:536789 let's check in with sal. sal, you noticing any change in the traffic patterns getting closer to thanksgiving? >> not yet. one of the things we haven't noticed is traffic getting lighter. we've had some wet weather, as you know, and just things like accidents. on highway 4, let's start there. we had a crash near port chicago highway and the traffic has not really recovered that well. it's better for sure but is still come out of bay point and concord. the bay bridge toll plaza is slow. and we have a slow down in some of those carpool lanes. so it's backed up to the maze. think when you will start to see some of the better traffic will be tomorrow and obviously on thursday and friday. but tomorrow might -- we might see a little bit of an improvement, for example, 101
7:55 am
and san mateo still very slow as you drive through. let's go to steve. well, we have a -- well, we have a rather intense system on the north coast. heavy wind, rain. santa rosa has p .03 -- has .03 of rain. let's see if i can draw on this. i'm losing the cursor in the light. you can see up towards cloverdale, it looks like it's pushing out. now it looks like rain may be tapering off in santa rosa, over in morago, oakland, even down to santa cruz, towards felton and also scotts valley and boulder creek, and lexington hills. things are picking up. we still have aways togo. cloudy, windy.
7:56 am
gusts maybe, 30, 40. it will be out of the south- southeast until later on. 50s to the north near 70, though, for the slay valley. rain may not make it to -- for the valley. rain may not make it to san jose. we'll have a very unsettled pattern. things look much, much quieter. the weekend will be fine except for inland fog. not coastal fog but the valley fog can be thick. another big story. port of oakland workers are on strike this morning. [horns hodgeing] >> -- [horns honking] >> we'll tell you why they are on strike. >> reporter: we're live at the period of oakland. we'll tell you why -- port of oakland. we'll tell you about the strike and how it could affect holiday traffic. ñl$.
7:57 am
[ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound.
7:58 am
so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is tuesday, it's november
7:59 am
20th. happening right now, union workers staging a big strike at the portland of oakland and port employees at the airport, they also walked off the job. now, we've -- we have team coverage for you. christien kafton is live. but we start with tara moriarty. how long could this last? >> reporter: these picketers have been out here since 3:00 this morning. they say they will come out here tomorrow if they need to. [chanting] >> reporter: now, these folks are mainly food and beverage workers here at oakland airport which is owned by the port authority and they've refused to come to work today to stand in solidarity with the janty janitors and others fighting
8:00 am
for a fair contract for two years. >> very frustrating. they do the same amount of work that we do. they don't have anything. so it's kind of unfair. so we're basically fighting for them and fighting for our rights as well. >> reporter: now, the strike has been timed to coincide with the thanksgiving travel crunch. picketers are not preventing passengers from from getting to their flights on time. >> reporter: i believe in rights for employees. i don't know the details of what they are striking over. but i generally support people that are trying to make a better wage and make a better living. >> reporter: these picketers will be out here until 8:00 tonight. you can here their very loud and they are on the bullhorns. they are basically staged at every terminal here. they say that they are not going to be disrupting any of the flights. you should be able to board on time. live from oakland international airport, i'm tara moriarty,
8:01 am
ktvu channel 2 news. >> make sure you stay right here for more coverage of the port workers strike. coming up for you at 8:0, we'll take you live to the port of oakland. we'll tell you how picket lines there are disrupting truck drivers this morning. just a short time ago, hundreds of bay area nurses walked off the job for the second time in three weeks. here is a look at some of the hospitals where nurses are holding strikes today. eight of them are sutter hospitals, shown here in red. they include vallejo, antioch, berkeley and oakland. they are walking out of regional in san jose. the strike is part of a continuing contract dispute. the nurses say the hospitals want to make cuts in staffing, paid sick time and pensions. the hospitals say they've hired replacement workers under a five-day contract, meaning most striking nurses will not be allow -- allowed to return to
8:02 am
work until sunday morning. two water main brakes have made a soggy mess just as the rain is starting to move in. alex savidge is live in pittsburg where some homeowners woke up to find they had no water this morning. >> reporter: well, the problem out here, an old water pipe. i want to show it to you. it was just pulled out of the ground. the head of pittsburg's water department just told me, he believes this pipe is probably from the 1930s or maybe the 1940s. it's a 6-inch line that suddenly burst overnight and created quite a mess. you can see workers from the city of pittsburg still busy repairing this segment. the line and water remains shut off while all of this work goes on. that means roughly over ten homes of this block of 11th street have no running water still. water early this morning was rushing down the street for a good hour and a half and a neighbor told me it was about a foot deep. crews were able to shut it down
8:03 am
at 1:00 a.m. but the pressure caused the pavement to crumble. pittsburg's director of walter utilities tells me -- water utilities tells me the breaks tend to occur when the weather gets colder. >> typically, we have more of those issues in the fall when the weather starts to change. you go warm to cold and then the pipe changes and then it fails. at that point, it just fails. >> reporter: the director of the water utilities says the water -- the last time they had a water line brake here in this part of pittsburg was about a year ago. the city, he says, has spent millions of dollars recently trying to replace older water lines in this neighborhood. as we come back out here live, a lot of work to be done on this segment of lines that burst, again, overnight. they've pulled out the segment that broke. now all they have to do is
8:04 am
replace it with a new segment that will be even better than most of the water lines in this area, even stronger than most of the water lines in this area. it will take another couple of hours before they can replace that line and get the street all patched up here in pittsburgh. live in pittsburg, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. 8:03. new this morning, once again, new developments going on in the middle east. we're now hearing that israeli war planes have dropped leaflets on several neighborhoods in ga zu city, urging people too evacuate -- gazafy urging people to evacuate their homes -- gaza urging people to evacuate their homes immediately. the leaf let's tell people dash leaflets tell people to  leave immediately. israel has dropped similar leaf
8:05 am
leaflets before but never to leave. secretary of state, hillary clinton is heading to the middle east to try to help meditate the situation. in addition to the israeli prime minister, clinton is also scheduled to meet with palestinian officials in the west bank and egyptian leaders in cairo. coming up at 8:15, what egypt's president is saying this morning about the chances for a cease-fire in the near future. and today in israeli, an israeli man attacked and wounded a security guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. >> the man was armed with a knife and ax. police say the man's motive was not known but it is not believed to be as political. the guard was slightly injured in the leg before he fired a warning shot in the air. the attacker was taken into custody and is being questioned. oakland police investigating an overnight crash where one vehicle flipped over. this happened around midnight
8:06 am
at 16th and clay streets. police say a mercedes collided with a truck and the car flipped over. one person in the truck has a head injury. the driver of that mercedes was not hurt. the truck driver says the car ran a red light. a man suffered life- threatening injuries after being robbed and stabbed in san francisco. it happened at 3:00 yesterday morning at bay and columbus avenue. the suspect is described as two men in their 20s. they are still out there on the loose. police say one suspect knocked the 25-year-old victim to the ground. the other suspect stabbed him three times. they got away with the victim's cell phone. later today, san francisco supervisors will vote on banning public nudity citywide. this is an issue that's getting national attention. scott wiener introduced the measure after complaints about a group of men who frequently appear naked in the city's
8:07 am
castro district. under his proposal, $100 fine, a third offense would carry $500 fine. if passed, street fairs and parades could be exempt from the nudity ban. a plan to provide free muni passes for san francisco youth has hit a roadblock. the committee voted against money from using money from a surplus for providing free passes for low income use. the committee says the money should go towards maintenance and improvement. a final decision on how the money should be spent will be made next month. b.a.r.t. is planning to help holiday shoppers and travelers tomorrow and on sunday. the trains will be longer than normal to help the travelers heading out of town and come back home. trains will be running on a sunday schedule. on friday, b.a.r.t. will one full length trains beginning at 6:00 a.m. for all of the shoppers who want to get out there and do
8:08 am
what they want to do. >> yeah and i just read a story that there is a shortage of rental cars -- >> i was just reading that. >> because of sandy. >> yes. >> you may be out of luck. speaking of cars, let's check in with sal. >> we were doing the story on b.a.r.t. and i called dispatch and they have 61 trains running on the system without any delays. that's certainly good news. caltrain has significant delays because of an earlier incident near the palo alto station. trains are delayed almost up to an hour. give yourself plenty of times. there are no express trains this morning. let's take a look at 880 northbound. as you drive past the oakland coliseum, northbound on the right there, you will see traffic a little bit slow, some windy conditions there as you drive in the east bay, part of the bridges and causeways. give yourself a little more time. also, the morning commute at
8:09 am
the toll plaza, you are gonna see traffic that's moving along a little bit slowly. you will see slow traffic as you come through. now, if you are trying to get into san francisco. >> i, i don't think this will be all that bad but it is not light. livermore valley, westbound 580, we've had a lot of slow traffic this morning, especially coming in over the tracy area to livermore. it gets better die the -- by the time you reach dublin. if you are looking at the east shore freeway, it's been heavy between pin nome and richmond. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. i do believe we have a rainbow there. where is that puff -- there we are. where is this shot, control room? help me out. we'll eight get it -- thank you. we'll get it. thank you. there's been some intense rain. la fayette. i will show you that in just a moment. really good information today. a huge thanks to the twitter
8:10 am
nation. carrie chamberlain in west san jose, a few sprinkles. this is a really good system. i mean, gusts to 55 miles per hour near eureka. 3 to 4 inches of rain. honeydew, there's been some rain there. this system will rain. i think it will be compact for parts of the north. middletown, it looks like you are getting rain, santa rosa they've had over .03. some of that lighter amounts, la fayette, walnut creek, hence the rainbow. sometimes it works out. sometimes it works out. a little bit lighter rain into marin county has been -- i think 4, 5/100ths. if you are a -- what we were discussing is the early part of december. it looks really wet. we'll see it -- could be a big-
8:11 am
time pattern change. some light rain down the santa cruz mountains. 60 at oakland. southeast wind in advance of that. 59 in napa. 57 in santa rosa. i've had rain all morning long. very mild conditions for some, as it moves south. it will weaken but i think we'll get a pretty good brief intense rain. winter weather advisory at 4:00 today, mainly for wind. snow level will be high and then come down late tonight into tomorrow morning. rain has been developing. kind of light. but the heavier stuff comes in tonight. 60s to near 70. i think santa rosa was just stuck in the upper 50s. turning colder. thursday looks good. thanksgiving is fine. i think it will be cold in the morning. once the wind settles down, it will be valley fog, inland fog. otherwise it will be sunny, warmer and dry. this sounds funny to say but is there hope for -- for
8:12 am
hohos? and the apology about a sex offender. ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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8:14 am
brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. pretty active pattern. this is already impacting the clouds and some rain. a couple of breaks in the clouds. very mild today. 60s to near 70. heavier rain comes in tonight. >> thank you, steve. 8:14. new this morning, israel has
8:15 am
agreed to hold off on a ground invasion in gaza. this as secretary of state, hillary clinton, is heading to that region right now. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what secretary clinton hopes to accomplish with her visit. alison? >> reporter: and benjamin netanyahu just held a news conference saying he would be a willing partner in a cease-fire with hamas, soon, hillary clinton will be adding her voice sot negotiations. she's head -- to the negotiations. she's headed to jerusalem and then ramallah to help deesra late the violence. israeli defense forces targeted 100 sites overnight to try to rout leaders. israel has signaled it is open to a cease-fire but only if
8:16 am
gaza halts their attacks. mohammed morsi is leading the negotiations and believes a cease-fire is imminent. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:15. a san jose pastor resigns after a convicted sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a parish festival. father lieu vu, that's him in the left of the picture, is stepping down. reverend patrick brown will replace him. the parents at the parish got into an heated argument with vu after he reportedly said the convicted sex offender, mark garys should be forgiven. he was not arrested because he had a letter from the diocese allowing him to volunteer. police are searching for a man accused of raping and 18-year-
8:17 am
old woman. police say this is the man visiting an acquaintance when he allegedly sexually assaulted the 18-year-old. and then another man was arrested in morgan hill for allegedly kidnapping and raining a -- raping a 33-year- old woman. if you have any information call police. we're learning more this morning about a plane crash last month near half moon bay. investigators say it appears the pilot slammed into a coastal bluff and the plane burst into flames just minutes
8:18 am
after taking off from half moon bay airport. the pilot, 75-year-old andrew head of florida, died in the crash. investigators have not determined what caused the plane to hit the buff. expectatives from hostess and the union representing the striking bakers will meet today with a mediator. a bankruptcy judged called both sides to urge them to try to come together, work out a deal rather than to have hostess liquidate the company. the ceo says if there's no progress, the company will ask to sell off its assets and go out of business. hostess employees more than 18,000 workers nationwide, including about 150 of them right here in the bay area. well, retail experts say we should get used to the holiday shopping season starting on thanksgiving despite criticism about cutting into workers time with family and their friends. business analysts say the thanksgiving sales may not
8:19 am
increase how much shoppers are spending overall but stores that are closed miss out on customers who want to spend the day shopping. virgin america is winning some praise now for having the healthiest inflight food services. the burlingame-based airline was awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 in a new survey. it's getting praise for putting nutritional envelopes on its travel light menu and website. air can law, alaska, united an jetblue round out the top 5. it's coming up on 8:19. this is turning out to be the busiest holiday for travel. aaa forecast 5.4 million people will fly, drive or take a train more than 50 miles from home this holiday all. all three -- holiday. all three bay area airports say they are seeing more travelers this year compared to last
8:20 am
year. most airport parking lots will be full before the holiday weekend is over. two virginia turkeys are heading to washington, d.c. but they will not be on the menu at the white house thanksgiving dinner. president obama is scheduled to pardon one of the turkeys tomorrow in an annual tradition. two birds are always sent in case one becomes ill before the big ceremony. the birds will live out the rest of their days in mount vernon. 8:19. the san jose police search is still going on for a second suspect in a violent crime spree. we'll tell you more about a new reward being offered and a new photo that may help the police. we're seeing some showers in parts of the bay area this morning. meteorologist steve paulson is busy tracking the system right now. he says a change in the weather is dumbing -- is coming. if you are driving on highway 24 and driving in bad weather, we'll tell you more about this commute straight ahead. before cold & flu season, help prevent
8:21 am
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8:23 am
the reward money offered to help a criminal in a crime series has gone up to $20,000. police say jonathan wilbanks and another man are responsible for four armed robberies, a deadly attempted carjacking and a police shooting that injured an officer. yesterday, mayor chuck reed said its office will match the
8:24 am
$10,000 already being offered. the men were caught on video at the 7/11 where police say they killed a 22-year-old man who refused to give up his car. >> it's scare troy think there is another guy out there responsible for this and that he has not been caught yet. >> police are hoping someone might recognize the other man in the photo. this is a sketch. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. a san jose teenager was rounded -- was wounded yesterday. the victim was taken to the hospital. he had been shot at least one time. but he's expected to survive. police think the shooting may be gang-related but so far no arrests have been made. all right. it is 8:24. let's check in with sal. thousand are -- how are things looking in contra costa -- how are things looking in contra costa county. you will see some slowing through this commute. a little bit of water and wind doesn't help the commute. we'll have some of that this
8:25 am
morning around the bay area. bay bridge toll plaza has not been lighter than usual. it's been superbusy. it has not been -- maybe tomorrow, which will be the day before thanksgiving, we'll get a break. and we've had some slow traffic on 80 westbound in western contra costa from about the pinole area all the way to richmond. that's been slow as well. 8:24. let's go to steve. well, a decent front on the north coast is beginning to move slowly south. we're getting out ahead of it. a lot of that cloud cover, light rain, even more moderate amounts you go farther north. even rain made it down to the crowds mountains. we still have a ways to go. lake county getting some light rain. healdsburg had some rain, i think 2/3. still some splash-and-dash showers popping you up. 24, orinda, la fayette, also
8:26 am
towards marin county. our front is on the way t will weaken before it arrives here. this evening and tonight could be bursts of moderate and heavy rain. 60s, 50s to near 70 for morgan hill. it may take until after the midnight hour before rain makes it down there from the front. there will be lighter stuff in advance of that. colder, breezy. i think we go dry. but the only thing left to worry about will be the inland fog as we go into the weekend with your weekend in view. it looks nice coast and bay. inland some of that fog could be tough to go through. some new garage concerns for -- some new graduation concerns for the class of 2013. why some parents are being
8:27 am
warned early about the school's requirements. >> reporter: striking workers have effectively shut down the port of oakland. if you take a look down here, you can see some tractor- trailers that have been tracked in -- stopped in their tracks. >> reporter: police are investigating a rash of burglaries in gilroy. we'll tell you what the police are specifically targeting when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:28 am
8:29 am
happening right now -- we just found out that more union workers are refusing to crosses the picket lines outside the port of oakland, effectively shutting down the port. we have live team coverage for
8:30 am
you this morning. tara moriarty is at oakland airport right now where port workers are also striking but first let's go to christien kafton and you have more information about who is supporting the strikers. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, in the last half-hour, we've moved from one location to the other. we're closer to berths 35 and 38 sort of towards the end of the port here, you can see the striking workers blocking this entrance. we've confirmed that the longshoremen, you can see some of them over here are not crossing the picket line on this one-day strike. we've seen long lines of tractor-trailers just waiting in line unable to pass by the picket lines and drop off their containers or pick up new ones. workers say they've been negotiating with the port but
8:31 am
the union says the port has been negotiating in poor faith, withholding crucial information. >> we asked for information, specific information, as i was saying earlier, that we feel that -- months ago that they had not gotten to us as of 5:00 yesterday to my knowledge. >> reporter: now, for its part, the port is adamant that their negotiations have been completely transparent. the port says it is facing serious financial obstacles, including a $1.3 billion debt. so it is asking workers to contribute to their own retirement. >> we've been offering 100% employer paid defined benefit programs across the board and they are just not sustainable anymore. >> reporter: taking a live look here, you can see that these tractor-trailers are effectively stopped right here at the entrance to the port. they cannot get in. picket lines here we've heard they are set to run until 9:30. we will continue to monitor
8:32 am
this and check in with the unions and i fight -- and find out if the time line is still in effect. we'll have team coverage at the port of oakland and at oakland international airport as well as all part of the same one-day strike, we'll continue to monitor that throughout the day the, again at noon and then 5:00 and 6:00 today. back to you. >> stay right here with ktvu for continuing coverage of the workers' strike. coming up four you at 8:45, we'll go live to oakland international airport. we'll tell you how the strike is affecting holiday travel. it is 8:32. new this morning, business owners in gilroy are upset about a string of burglaries. janine de la vega is live in gilroy to tell us what police are doing to protect businesses in the area. >> reporter: this store right here gilroy antiques says one of the stores -- they opened in one of the next couple of hours, we're hoping to talk to the owner about that crime
8:33 am
spree. police say since mid-september, at least four stores have been burglarized. they have taken july right -- jewelry, silver and clocks. investigators believe the incidents could be connected since they are all the same type of shops and the thefts are happening in the overnight hours. this is an area the city has been trying to revite -- to revitalize. we spoke to one business owner about the rash of burglaries. he says it's a setback for the area. >> this is an old part of gilroy, the very center of gilroy, so it is difficult enough and then when you start hearing things like that, it -- it sets off people, they might go somewhere else to -- you know, to do their business. >> reporter: in response to the burglaries, police have increased patrols on monterey street during the graveyard shift but the department says it is a challenge because they have limited resources during that time. investigators are analyzing evidence gathered the scores and they hope to have answered -- scores and they hope to have
8:34 am
answers soon. back out here live, in the last six months, the city has installed cameras in the area because merchants have been complaining about crime in the area, however police say unfortunately, those cameras didn't capture any of the thefts on camera. reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. well, tonight, the san francisco giants will release the official 2012 world series, dvd. a premiere will be held tonight at the castro theater in san francisco complete with an orange carpet. now, the movie features highlights and interviews with players, coaches and front office staff. by the way, it will be narrated by san francisco-born actor benjamin braff. and the tickets for the next
8:35 am
season will go on sale on friday. it's called orange and black friday. monday, tuesday, wednesday games will be as inexpensive as 8 bucks. you can buy them online or in person at all giants' dugout stores. 8:34. later today, the san francisco 49ers are announcing a college bowl game will be played at their new stadium. the stadium which is still under construction is scheduled to open in 2014. the team is expected to say that is when the craft fight hunger bowl will move to the south bay. currently, that game is played at at&t park in san francisco. the last time a college bowl game was held in the south bay was the 2004 silicon valley classic at spartan stadium. last night at the 49ers game, it had a lot of meaning for one family in turlock. that's because their son got to play in his first nfl game. coming up at:45, maureen naylor will have more on how his
8:36 am
family reacted after he got the big call late sunday night and why the football star was also known for another sport. sonoma county election officials say almost one in four ballots still have not been counted. it's been two weeks since election day. that's almost 42,000 mail-in and provisional ballots. the uncounted ballots have left at least three local lace race -- local races undecided. it may take another two weeks to finish the count and certify the vote. there are new graduation concerns for san francisco high school students who are due to graduate in 2014. back in 2008, the school district adopted a new policy. it requires students to take classes -- classs that are required for admission into uc and scu colleges. the class of 2014 is the first to have to meet those requirements but the kron youicle is reporting -- chronicle is reporting the district sent notices to 1900 students not on track.
8:37 am
the school district will be holding community meetings for parents and they've instructed school counselors to advise students about coming up and completing those requirements. 8:36. the traditional thanksgiving dinner will be a little more expensive this year. mostly because of the main course. the american farm bureau federation says a turkey that will immediate ten people this year will cost more than $22. that's up almost a dollar from last year. so the total cost for dinner will average just under $49.50. and that's just 28 cents more than last year. san francisco is getting ready for the holidays. tonight, dozens of giant l.e.d. snowflakes will light up on market street. this year, 182 snowflakes will be placed on 91 of the historic lamp posts. that's 20 more than last year, in case you are counting. this is the picture year the snowflakes will be displayed -- fifth year, the snowflakes will be displayed for the holidays. >> that's beautiful. >> uh-huh.
8:38 am
sal, have you fixed on things -- have you fixed things on 8 0? >> well, as you -- on ate 880 -- sal, have you fixed things on 8 80? >> well, sort of. there is an accident up there making it slow. we've had a lot of wind and rain. and the bay bridge toll plaza, some people are wondering why isn't it later -- lighter, it's backed up like it would be on any other tuesday. 25 to 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. now, hopefully tomorrow it will be lighter. but we just don't know with these traffic patterns, especially if there's weather related to -- or it's affect the commute. if you are driving on the east shore freeway, we've had heavy traffic coming through. i want to move the maps to the livermore valley. a little bit of slow traffic is getting into dublin.
8:39 am
by the way, there are significant air delays at sfo expected today, almost as much as three hours for some flights. you might want to check with your carrier. let's go to steve. >> that's crazy, sal. >> i know. >> thank you. mostly cloudy, we've had some light rain. windy for many. this is a real good system on the north coast. it will weaken as it gets here. but i think there will be pretty good rain in the north bay. there's already been some okay rain but it looks good. 55, 60-mile-an-hour gusts. rainfall, about 1 to 4 inches up there. the front is beginning to make its move. by the time it gets to san jose, i think it will be giving the north bay some decent rain. it looks like some of it is getting -- letting up a little bit. 2/3, cloverdale all the way up to willits and ukiah. kind of hit and miss. a couple of/100ths here and there -- a couple of 1 huntths
8:40 am
here and there -- 100ths here and there. there's been a few brief showers. this will pick up a little bit later. really mild for most. i mean because of the southeast wind. i mean temperatures are in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. a little cooler out to livermore. san jose at 56. our front is on the way. but see, it is starting -- it is starting to lose a little bit of its punch, the big low. it will still give us some rain tonight. heaviest amounts will be to the north. by tomorrow morning, by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow i think this thing is done. clouds and win. there's been some lighter stuff out in advance of this. the pattern will change a little bit for about five, seven days. sierra nevada this is more of a wind event. winter weather advisory, rain, snow, by the time it gets here, the snow will be high. it will drop by about midnight tonight. rain developing already for
8:41 am
some but for more later on today, cloudy, windy, gusts easily up to 30, 40. as the system inches closer. 6 brentwood, 70 morgan hill and gilroy. 68 san jose and 68 redwood city. now until torm morning, then we'll have off and on wind, clouds and rain. it will get colder and it will be dry but accept for valley nothing it will be -- fog it will be sunny and mild. 20 minutes before 9:00. almost 4,000 gallons of sewage has been cleaned up in marin county following four spills over the weekend. the ross valley sanitary district reported spills in fairfax, larkspur and two in san anselmo. the largest was about 3,000 gallons. the rain caused flooding after a brick became lodged in a sewage tube. california sold out of its first pollution permits issued in its first ever cap-
8:42 am
-and--auction trade. all the -- all of the refineries bought permits. the permits allow them to purchase credits if they exceed pollution limits. the companies will pay over $10 for each metric ton of each greenhouse gas they release lease. the auction raised $300 million for the state. 8:41. four men arrested on terror charges in southern california. but the fbi says those -- what the fbi says those men were targeted. >> reporter: if you are flying this thanksgiving holiday, you may be facing some delays at oakland international airport. we'll tell you why strikers are here. what they are asking for. for h. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
8:43 am
8:44 am
the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
8:45 am
stocks mostly flat on wall street. hewlett-packard's stock suffering a big decline after the executive said the company bought lied about its finances. that stock is down about 10.5% right now. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently down 10. the nasdaq is flat.
8:46 am
s&p is up .5%. apple's stock is down $3, that's after gaining more than 7% when a tech analyst called the two-month selloff of apple stock insanely insane. apple stocks hit their peak of $7 in september. they are down and selling at $562.88 a share. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the top story we're following for you. caltrain service is back after being interrupted after a train hit and killed a pedestrian in palo alto. commuters, i should expect major delays. caltrain says expect delays ranging in between ten minutes to almost two hours. a one-day strike by custodians and maintenance workers is growing. longshoremen now refuse to cross their picket line, effectively shutting down the
8:47 am
port of oakland. the union representing more than 200 maintenance and discussioned toial workers accuses the port of withholding crucial information during contract talks. however, port officials say they've been transparent and that 100% employer paid benefits are no longer sustainable. port workers are also walking off the jobs at oakland international airport this morning. tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 this morning. have you seen any signs of holiday travel affected by this, tara? >> it seems like everything is running very smoothly. these pickesters have been out here since 3:00 in the morning. they will be here until 8:00 tonight and will come back here tomorrow if they need to.  [chanting] >> reporter: now, these folks are mainly food an beverage workers which is owned by the port of authority.
8:48 am
they have refused to come to work to stand in solidarity with other workers on strike. those workers say they've been fighting for a fair contract for more than a year. >> we've been bargaining over 13 months now and the port has not been fort coming with the information as well as across the bargaining table. the frustration of our members is such that we had to bring attention to what is going on on over here. >> a lot of labor laws have been broken. we feel it's very important. we just want everybody to be treated equally , to be treated like u -- to be treated like humans. >> reporter: the strike has been timed to coin signed with the thanksgiving travel crunch. picketers are not preventing passengers from athletic getting to their flights on time. they say they just want their message heard and figured now
8:49 am
they now would be a good time to do this. >> reporter: we will, of course, be out here for a while, monitoring things but so far, it looks like -- so far so good and they will be here until 8:00 this evening. live from oakland international airport, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> make sure you stay right here with us for continuing coverage of what's happening out there. we'll have the latest on the port workers strike on ktvu channel 2 news at noon and later during our newscast at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. it is 8:49. you can see the 49ers have a new star this morning after a backup quarterback got his first start in an nfl game and delivered, big time. maureen naylor joins us with background on col inkaepernick -- colin kaepernick. here's more. >> he can do a lot of things.
8:50 am
he got to show his skills on a nationally-televised game during the football game last night. now, the 25-year-old with the help of smith on defense, lead the 49ers to a 32-7 win over the chicago bears. now, kaepernick grew up in northern california. he was adopted as a baby and moved to turlock when he was 4. his father said his son called him last sunday night to tell him he would be starting in the game. it turns out football was not the sport he was known for when he was younger. >> almost went to every school in the country for baseball. he had scholarships all over. he only had one scholarship for football, nevada and he said if you -- [inaudible] >> reporter: so he took the scholarship and he was drafted by the 9ers. he passed for 243 yards and two touchdowns. jim harbaugh has long been
8:51 am
known as one who likes competition even among the players and makes it clear that every player must fight to be in the starting lineup. after the game, he tends he hopes -- he tends to go with the hot hands and right now he has two quarterbacks with hot hands. back to you. >> thank you. the golden state warriors just signed a new labor deal as part of the effort to move from oakland to san francisco. san francisco mayor ed lee watched as the warriors' president and the president of unite here local 2 signed the agreement yesterday. stipulates that the warriors will hire union employees for construction of a new waterfront arena. the san francisco board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on a resolution today which would authorize the city to initiate an environmental review and work out financial terms for the arena project. a new york man is facing charges after police say he threatened a flight crew on a plane yesterday and refused to turn off his cell phone. it happened on a spirit
8:52 am
airlines flight that was about to take off from new york's la guardia airport to fort lauderdale, florida. police say 30-year-old samuel arastil was asked repeatedly to turn off his cell phone but he refuse and threatened crew members. >> we were there for about two hours. you have to watch what you say nowadays. you can't say anything. >> he was removed from the plane and charged with making a terrorist threat. 8:51. four southern california children have been charged with plotting kill americans and destroy u.s. targets overseas. the fbi says the men plan to do that by joining al qaeda and theton. one of the men also soreveed in the --er isshed in the u.s. air force. they were arrested for blotting bombs and government -- for blotting bombs. the biographer whose affair
8:53 am
with david petraeus, she's now meeting with a high-profile pr firm. this is paula broadwell whose home is now constantly surrounded by cameras. anonymous e-mails sent to jill lelly, a socialite from tam -- jill emily, a socialite from -- jill kelley, a socialite from florida, prompted the investigation about the affair. we're also learning the twin sift ter of jill kelley hired celebrity lawyer gloria allred to represent her. allred has called a news conference today with natalie khawama. natalie is on the far left right next to david petraeus and then on the far right, that's petraeus' wife holy, next to jill killly and her --
8:54 am
jill kelley and her husband. it's not clear why allred is representing natalie kwawam. she was involved in a custody dispute that she ended up lose losing. more free turkeys will be given away to families in need in san jose at sacred heart community service. those, registered came all day yesterday to pick up holiday food boxes. many have jobs and say after paying rent and bills there really isn't muff money left over. one man we talked to said without sacred heart's help it would not feel like the holidays. >> it wouldn't really be a real thanksgiving. it would be a rundown version of it. and, you know, it's it -- it just wouldn't feel right. >> sacred heart is working to provide 4,000 food boxes to struggling families. they still need 600 more turkeys by tomorrow so no one will be turned away.
8:55 am
allegations of questionable expenses involving the santa clara county board president. why the focus is on casinos and first class air fairs. and sal will have one last check on your morning commute, including wait times at the bay bridge toll plaza. y+nk
8:56 am
8:57 am
tuesday's winners of ticket tuesday will be able to see
8:58 am
andrea bochelli november 23rd at the pavilion. for your chance to win go to before midnight and put in the word romanzo. hey, sal, what's happening at the toll plaza? >> still backed up for a debay of about 25, to 30 minutes. let's go to steve. >> i was over there trying to update the satellite picture. rain comes in tonight. windy, mostly cloudy, cool. it will be okay by thanksgiving. >> all right, steve. thank you. that will do it for us this morning. we thank you for trusting the news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> bye-bye. at bank of america, we're contia in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization
8:59 am
that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.

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